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Memoir Ghostwriter

Transform your life story
into a captivating and unforgettable book with Your Story Memoirs.

Jackie Goldman

Greetings and welcome to Your Story Memoir Ghostwriting Services! I am an experienced memoir writer and award-winning novelist committed to helping you tell your unique story in an authentic and captivating way. 

Everyone has a story worth sharing, and the power of a well-crafted memoir can touch hearts, inspire others, and leave a lasting legacy. I will masterfully capture your voice, emotions, and experiences, ensuring that your story resonates with readers on a profound level. I am skilled at capturing the essence of your experiences, emotions, and life lessons and breathing life into each page while staying true to your unique perspective. 

Whether you’re a prominent figure, a war veteran, an entrepreneur, or an everyday individual with an extraordinary tale, I have the versatility and sensitivity to handle any subject matter. I will take the time to listen to your story, understand your vision, and meticulously transform your memories into a compelling narrative that engages readers from start to finish. 

With my collaborative approach, we work closely together throughout the ghostwriting process, maintaining open lines of communication to ensure your voice remains at the heart of the memoir. Then, we will choose a theme for the interior and collaborate on photo placement to bring your story to life. Finally, I will design a unique, beautiful cover to reflect your story and personality. 

Ready to turn your life story into a captivating memoir? Contact me today, and take the first step towards sharing your extraordinary journey. 


Client Testimonials

" This experience with Jackie was quite insightful. She forced me to look at myself and the decisions I had made for my life in a new way- really helpful in understanding the “why” behind who I am today."  - Nancy J. Leon, International Volunteer and Activist

" Working with Jackie was like having a free-flowing conversation with a wonderful listener. The finished project is much more than I expected. " - Craig Anthony Bannister, Actor

" Jackie was amazing to work with. I told a story and she wrote it as the days I was living it. She’s super patient, kind and an A-plus writer! Thanks Jackie! Can’t wait to work with you again in the near future! " - Monique Leshman, Fashion and Accessories Designer

" Jackie is a good listener and creative. Most of all she is punctual and talented. I would recommend her." - Aime Muligo Sindayigaya

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