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Memoir Ghostwriting


Jackie Goldman

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Greetings, and welcome to my website!

I am Jackie Goldman, author of Awakening, Beautiful Minds, and Angel Falls. I ghostwrite memoirs, biographies, and autobiographies for some of the country's top memoir agencies, and am happy to offer my services independently to interested customers. As an independent contractor, I can offer services that the big guys can't. This includes:

  • Additional interview hours. (Six hours for the silver package and eight hours for the gold package.)

  • Unlimited copies of your book. (Four hardcover copies are included with each package. Additional copies may be purchased for the cost of printing.) 

  • High-quality writing. (I am an award-winning author with the highest ratings on memoir ghostwriting company websites. When you hire me directly, you will be guaranteed a quality writer.) 

  • I use top-quality publishing software and hire professional cover designers to ensure your finished project is a beautiful keepsake for you and future generations of your family. 


Client Testimonials

" This experience with Jackie was quite insightful. She forced me to look at myself and the decisions I had made for my life in a new way- really helpful in understanding the “why” behind who I am today."  - Nancy J. Leon, International Volunteer and Activist

" Working with Jackie was like having a free-flowing conversation with a wonderful listener. The finished project is much more than I expected. " - Craig Anthony Bannister, Actor

" Jackie was amazing to work with. I told a story and she wrote it as the days I was living it. She’s super patient, kind and an A-plus writer! Thanks Jackie! Can’t wait to work with you again in the near future! " - Monique Leshman, Fashion and Accessories Designer

" Jackie is a good listener and creative. Most of all she is punctual and talented. I would recommend her." - Aime Muligo Sindayigaya

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