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Books by Jackie Goldman


A mixed media psychological thriller


A Brooklyn mother, who escapes insecurity by indulging in a life-long habit of penning graphic comics starring a glamorous alter-ego, must decide what to do when real life and fantasy converge.
Finalist and Winner of Honorable Mention: Reader Views Literary Awards, 2018-2019 

​”This is an intellectually stimulating mixed-media adventure that feels completely original.” 9/10 –Publisher’s Weekly Booklife Prize

Angel Falls

A heartwarming story about adventure, healing, and family reconciliation


** Previously published in 2018 as "El Pombero." **


From Catherine Langrehr for IndieReader:


"The author has a gift for description and scene-setting, making the reader feel present in the scene with only a few carefully-chosen words or phrases." 

"Heather and Jay, two best friends who have recently suffered loss, go to Venezuela to find the spot where Jay's brother died... But can they survive in a war-torn country, and find healing for their respective upheavals to boot?


...A sweet, family-oriented story with a warm and likable heroine."

Beautiful Minds

A collection of short memoirs about creative New Yorkers


"Jackie Goldman's collection of powerful  powerful biographies shines a light on six creative New Yorkers who have followed their artistic and altruistic visions to live fulfilling lives and bring joy to others....4.5 Stars and Indie Approved." - Kat Kennedy for IndieReader

"I loved each tale." - Janny C., Indie's Review

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