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Senior Woman

Carole Gutter

Jackie was a delight to work with. We connected almost immediately. She has made this journey so pleasant and meaningful. Her patience and understanding of my feelings are deeply appreciated. I could not be happier and will hate seeing our relationship end.

Happy Old Man

Eric Smith

I would certainly like to express my gratitude for the time you took to get my life story. I always felt that you were truly interested in listening to my experiences over the years. There was a heartfelt empathy as you gathered the ups and downs of my life. It seemed like I was talking to an old friend. I was amazed by your patience over the course of our interviews. In the end, you were able to take my rambling words and condense them into a concise narrative that captures my thoughts. I appreciate all your hard work and would certainly recommend you to others. 

Smiling Grandpa

Greg Hoyle

Jackie did a great job of communicating and was always professional and punctual. The story she had to write was about a person from another culture, gender, and generation, yet she seemed to capture the voice of the person telling the story. I was impressed with her talent as a writer and her actions as a professional. She told the story the way it was meant to be told. 


Nancy J. Leon

This experience with Jackie was quite insightful. She forced me to look at myself and the decisions I had made for my life in a new way—really helpful in understanding the "why" behind who I am today.

Positive Smile

Craig Anthony Bannister

Working with Jackie was like having a free-flowing conversation with a wonderful listener. The finished project is much more than I expected.

Posing with Hat

Hardy Brooklyn

Jackie was easy to work with, fun to talk to, accurate, and pleasant. I enjoyed telling Jackie about my life and was pleasantly surprised by how she shaped it into a compelling and engaging story. My story only needed a couple of rounds of minor edits, and Jackie was very accommodating about working with me to make the changes I requested.


Monique Leshman

Jackie was amazing to work with. I told a story, and she wrote it as the days I was living it. She is super patient, kind, and an amazing writer. 

Portrait of Middle Aged Woman

Name Withheld

Jackie, you are amazing!! The book looks so good! I prayed for God to send me an angel to help me tell my dad's story, and He sent you. I wanted to thank you for your gift of storytelling and patience and for embracing the history that needed to be shared. I am so blessed to have known you and worked with you. Much love to you!

Man in Blue Shirt

Aime Mulingo Sindayigaya

Jackie is a good listener and creative. Most of all she is punctual and talented. I would recommend her. 

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