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Writing Samples



A memoir about an internationally acclaimed violinist who traveled the world from a young age.

A short memoir about an acclaimed violinist.


A memoir featuring a colorful New York City performance artist.

A biography of a New York City model and performance artist.

Human Rights Activist

A memoir about an altruistic, international human rights volunteer and activist.

A biography of an international volunteer and activist.

Fashion and 
Accessories Designer

The memoir of the daughter of a notorious mobster who grew up to be an acclaimed fashion designer.

A memoir about the daughter of a mobster who made it in the fashion world.


A memoir about a man who quit medical school to become a successful artist.

The biography of a man who immigrated to NYC from Argentina and became a succesful artist.


A memoir about a New York City actor, who dedicates his time to helping children.

The biography of a Harlem born and raised actor who dedicates his life to helping children.
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